WISPEL is a European project http://wispel.europole.org made by 7 partners, having in mind the persons and the families who are living with a disability. We want to offer the opportunity of PEER-TO-PEER sharing of life wisdom and experience. We think and know there are persons who have a disability and families who have a member with a disability who have a fulfilled, happy and settled life, who overcome the suffering, the fights, the struggles caused by the presence of the disability.  And we want to find as many of them as possible and to ask them to pass on some of their wisdom and life experience to others, who are now facing all these difficulties related to the disability. This way, we are convinced that the quality of life of every person who has a disability and family of such a person can be significantly improved and enriched.
After 2 years of project our journey has come to the end.  Thanks a lot to all the marvellous persons we have met along this project journey. Our project memory is here read our book