Associazione STUCOM – Spagna

STUCOM CENTRE D’ESTUDIS is a private training organization founded in 1980 in Barcelona. It delivers secondary, vocational and adult education with 1000 students and 60 teachers, we have the accreditation issued by the Government in Spain to train adults who want to be teachers to do their practical training at Stucom. We also offer , in company training and funded courses for unemployed people and Vocational training on E-Learning basis through our E-Learning platform.

Stucom follows UNE-EN-ISO 9001/ 2008 Quality Standards and has got the Quality accreditation. We also have an agreement with CISCO network systems and our student are trained to pass their exams. Stucom is a Microsoft Academy an Unesco School working closely with these two organizations.

Our organization has worked for more than 14 years in European projects and every year we send 50/ 60 students (youth and adult ones ) to do their training in companies UK, Finland, Germany, Sweden and Malta . And we every year more than 15 teachers for different EU countries come to STUCOM to get training is specific courses according to their specialities. All these students after finishing their training receive a Certification and Europass.


Progetti Europei

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