Robo-Cook Path is an online simulation of a board game in which 3 Robo-Cooks have to work together to make a recipe and become more and more expert. The game is played by 3 players connected by 3 different computers, each with a role: Trainer, Buyer and Cook. In turn, each player will have to answer (also with the help of their teammates) questions on food-related topics and for each correct answer, the group will receive points or instructions to complete the final recipe.

The game has 3 levels of difficulty:  – Junior – Senior – Advanced

The first level is suitable for younger players aged 8 and over, with questions on topics such as Food and Recipes, Nutritional Principles, Seasonality. The other two levels are for older players, especially students of hotel management schools, with questions on Food and Nutrition, Nutritional Principles and Food, Hygiene and Preservation.  In order to access the online game, teachers must register at the following link and obtain access codes for all their students:  (as the game takes place online and at the same time, access codes allow students in the same class to play together without outside interference and above all to maintain their privacy)

The game can be accessed at this link (use Chrome or Chromium for proper display)

Below you can find the downloadable game guide with more information. GUIDE (click on the word to download the file)

Polo Europeo della Conoscenza is a partner of the research project PROTEIN PeRsOnalized nutriTion for hEalthy livINg (Horizon 2020 n.817732) in developing and testing an innovative ecosystem to support people who want to maintain a healthier diet and physical activity according to their needs and preferences. Polo Europeo della Conoscenza, always focused on prevention, is committed to promoting healthy eating habits and behaviors among children and young people that can have a positive impact throughout their lives. In order to involve them in a process of active change, a knowledge game about the world of food has been developed with the help of experts from the PROTEIN project.

We would like to thank Agnese Tombesi, Grazia Tonello and Maria Antonietta Morello for their precious collaboration in developing the questions.

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