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"Remember to always have compassion, to give yourself to others in life and to share the Knowledge"

European Pole Of Knowledge ” Europole” pic number: 903673632 is a public body, no-profit – network of educational Institutions (about 4000 Organizations) among them researchers, Universities, adult education organizations, Regional Administrations, VET schools, NGOs, cooperatives, and schools of every order and Degree at national level working for the European social and educational integration; Its main fields of activities are to promote the European dimension and integration through European and extra – European workshops, seminars, conferences, partnerships and projects. Europole network is coordinating “umbrella activities” involving every time the greatest possible number of institutions of the consortium. Europole network works in every field of education, from ITC to in-service training courses for teachers, from Kindergarten’s sectors to adult education in prison and in rural areas. It works also against social exclusion, xenophobia, and racism, helping to break any kind of gender stereotypes among different cultures and religions. It also works for training students, for a second chance school, in intercultural learning and youth workers’, vocational training field. The 4000 institutions, members of the network, are working with learners at risk of social and cultural exclusion: immigrants, refugees, drop-out and learners with separated parents, social-psychological borderline situations, bullish, learners with disabilities and other special needs. Another field of activities is job strategies and economical researches.  One of the main fields of activity of the network in the last years has been the educational robotics focused on prosocial values and human rights. The network includes and collaborates with  3 more National Networks of Educational Institutions: The School of Robotics of Genoa, the CNIS for Teachers specialized for the disabled and the network of Schools without Pack bag. It also coordinates 2 European networks (funded by the European Commission) TTTNET for the innovative techniques of teaching mathematics, science and IT, Prosocial Value a network of European partners that use games and educational robotics to promote the values prosocial such as: empathy, solidarity, sharing, respect for the environment, etc., and It is a partner in two other European networks funded by the European Commission: Primedia – for the promotion and development of the use of prison media – – Netq6 for computer education for disadvantaged children aged 0 to 6 – – It is a partner of 2 Horizon 2020 projects: ProSocialLearn and Mathisis and protein H2020 project .The Europole network is organized in 3 areas: Europole – University, Europole – Adult Education and Europole – School, Youth, and Sport. To his credit, since his birth in 1998, It had more than 200 approved European projects visible under the link “EU Projects Summary Sheet” menu. The network coordinates a creative team of Robotics against Bullying with hundreds of teachers throughout Italy for the prevention of the phenomenon in schools. It has protocols for collaboration with various institutions in the world from Russia to India.  Stefano Cobello – Coordinator

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