The project “The town as a friendly space for developing entrepreneurship and creativity” is designed to: – to improve the quality of teaching organization,  – to improve competences and modernizing working methods of teachers,  – strengthening the professional profile of the school,  – developing among students key competences: creativity and entrepreneurship, ICT and multilingualism in accordance with the priorities established by the European Union,  – extending cooperation between educational establishments on a European scale.  We want among the students: – developing the ability to move around in the job market: getting to know its mechanisms, attractive, interesting companies and the specificity of work; develop practical professional skills in the field of Economics, entrepreneurship, English, computer science, culture, history, geography, native language; pick up practical skills to create websites, blog, movies, Facebook profile, works of art, photos, reportage, essays, printed book;  -raising the organizational competencies: cooperation in a group, creating the exhibitions, organization of tours and personnel: self-presentation, creating self-image, speeches skills. We also have a long-term objective: the prevention of any failures in education, bridging differences in terms of social exclusion and unemployment among students, international cooperation between educational institutions, experienced in international cooperation will help to achieve this objective. More info on:

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