International Conference and workshops “A talented school for Talented Students”

Polo Europeo della Conoscenza – Istituto Comprensivo B. Lorenzi Fumane – Rete di scuole Permanente

Multiplier event of the project  Strategies for Talented and Gifted Pupils’ Teachers

Erasmus+ KA2 Project  2015-1-TR01-KA201-021420  

Verona University – Zanotto Center – 26th. May 2018

International Conference and workshops“A Talented School for Talented Students”   


Dear parents, teachers, pedagogues during the multiplier event of the European project “Educational strategies for talented pupils teachers, Stra-Tg” funded by the European Erasmus program + Action KA2, extraordinary pedagogists, teachers and professionals from India, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, Spain, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Spain and Italy will meet in Verona on May 26th. 2018 to share their innovative experiences, discoveries and activities for talented students in a school ready to grow them in respect of their potential. Several teams of teachers from 32 countries of the world will converge at the Verona event during 6 meetings of European Horizon 2020 and Erasmus + projects to enrich the day of study, research and play within 15 parallel practical workshops of fun and learning with the their inventions in the fields of educational robotics, mathematics, science, prosocial values, environment, nature and prevention of bullying for the development of A TALENT SCHOOL FOR TALENTED STUDENTS. The day is open to everyone. Please register on the online form.    Module for Registration

Attendance is allowed only for registered participants and it is free of change. English – Italian and Italian – English translation will be provided for all the workshops.

Symbols Keys for the workshops participants

Activities suitable for early education and primary school’s pupils


Activities suitable for middle school’s students


Activities suitable for secondary senior schools and university’s students


Activities suitable for teachers, parents, and pedagogists



During the morning, outside the conference will be available robotics and maths hotspots for Students, Parents and Teachers


Morning 26th. of May 2018 


Registration Participants

Access available on if previously Registered online

  Module for Registration



Opening event


  • Dott.ssa Augusta CELADA – Regional Minister of Education Deparment
  • Pilar González García – General Director of Innovation and Equity in Education. Castilla y León Ministry of Education
  • Pierpaolo Clementoni – Clementoni S.P.A.



European Project Erasmsus+ STRA-TG Presentation:

Cobello Stefano – Coordinator Italian school network: European Pole of Knowledge

Prof. Esra ÖMEROĞLU – Gazi University – Ankara



Erasmus+ National Agency

National Agency Coordinator: Sara Pagliai

The Value of European Projects for school talents



Svati Popot, – India

EIEIO science method – STEM and Multiple Intelligences in teaching Gifted and Talented Children. (translation available)





Ernesto Burgio – ECERI European Cancer and Environment Research Institute (Bruxelles)

Neurodevelopment and neurodevelopmental disorders in children: from genetics to epigenetics

(Translation available)





Cofee break



Prof. Daniela Lucangeli – Padua University

A Talented School for Talented students

(Translation available)



Prof. Ugur Sak – Turkey

Unpredictable Development of Early Childhood Proclivities Weaken Predictions of Excellence

 (Translation available)



Prof. Elkahn Baylarov – Azerbaijan

Emotions, Math and imagination for the development and respect of talented pupils potentiality 

(Translation available)



Lunch / Catering prepared by IPSAR Luigi Carnacina Catering School




Afternoon: 5 parallel rooms

Room A – parallel translation available in every room


15.00 – 15.50

ProSocial Values (Erasmus+ KA2)

European Pole Of Knowledge

When values like empathy, solidarity, generosity can be promoted by online games – An European teachers Community for Teaching Prosocial Values through Interactive Games in virtual learning reality



15.50 – 16.40

BotSTEM (Erasmus+ project KA2):

Ileana Du Franc (Burgos University) Spain:

Play and learn with robots – STEM and robotics for kids per talents development



16.40 – 17.30

Robotic to prevent Bullying

Stefano Cobello

From Peer to Peer Erasmus+ project

Team robotic versus bullying – Strategies to prevent bullying with educational robotic developed by a national team of teachers. Practical demonstrations of games with robots.




17.30 – 18.00

Martina Brazzolotto

Teacher’s training with talented and gifted pupils


Room B / stanza B

15.00 – 16.00

STRA-TG Project (Erasmus+ KA2)

Prof. Esra ÖMEROĞLU – Università di Gazi – Ankara- Turchia

Online Training Platform for Teachers for the Development of Gifted and Talented Children /



16.00 -17.00

Mathisis  (H2020 Project)

Psycoterapist Elena Milli

Robots and advanced technologies for the creation of smart learning atoms for everyone – practical experiments


17.00 –18.00

Valgreen Project (Erasmus+ KA2):

Estefania Lopez – Spain

Education on the environment as a relationship between person and identity in the real world




Room C – Aula C

15.00 -16.00

Clementoni S.P.A

Tamara Lapucci, Area Test Manager

Games and robots for the talents’ developments with robots DOC, Mind and Robotmaker


16.00 -17.00

Swati Popat – India

Learn and fun Robotic with Pinnochio!



17.00 – 18.00

Patrizia Granata

School without backpack

The old e new school into concrete and effective learning environment



Room D- Aula D

15.00 -16.00

Dott. Pierino Bellante,

Police Inspector – Penal liability of teachers in obvious cases of bullying.

Turin Police Officer. Palladino Mauro

16.00 -17.00

Prof. Sisto Baldo, Verona University – with the teachers Pomari Emanuela and Pernigo Ubaldo

Only simple and fun math


17.00 –18.00

Prof. Roman Komorov – Dascia Svernova – Elena Vostorgova, Pedagogial University of Moscow, (center Star Pro) Russia

Ei-robots in the additional education.

Successful adaptation to the school environment, the child’s ability to socialize depends on emotional intelligence. We’ve managed to associate robotics with games aimed at emotional development. During the master class we’ll show how robots can develop social and emotional inclusion on the basis of additional education.



Room E / Stanza E


Prof. Renna Djulgerova – Bulgaria

Teachers training for the new educational strategies for talented pupils




Rama Tandon – India

Dyslexia and compensating strategies to develop talented pupils



16.30 – 17.30

Serafino Caloi – Verona,


Clown’s Math. Thousand happy ways to teach and learn maths at school


17,30 18.00

Prof. Ileana Du Franc – Spain (University of Burgos)

Promoting scientific vocations among talented kids: UBUtalent´s programme




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