What is ProsocialLearn ?


ProsocialLearn is a 36-month (January 2015 – December 2017) project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.
Premise and foundations
ProsocialLearn is founded on the hypothesis that children at risk of social exclusion, lacking empathy and showing high levels of aggressive or anti-social behaviours, should benefit from digital games tailored to teach prosocial skills (the ability to identify the benefits of cooperation, recognise the emotions and needs of others and express trustworthiness) that can help them achieve academically, appreciate team work and recognise the value of understanding other people’s needs.
The gamification of prosocial learning
ProsocialLearn aims to increase social inclusion and individual empowerment by helping children learn prosocial skills through digital games. The gamification of prosocial learning will be driven by a set of well-defined prosocial learning objectives that are designed for the development of specific prosocial skills, in terms of prosocial theory, gameplay and game mechanics.
An ecosystem for prosocial games
ProsocialLearn also aims to increase youth inclusion and academic achievement of children the through creation of a new market for digital games, designed to support learning and development of prosocial skills, by massively accelerating the development of a value network and ecosystem for prosocial games across the education sector. This will be achieved through a series of disruptive innovations originating from the ProsocialLearn’s platform for production and distribution of prosocial games to educational markets, and validation of the platform through a series of pilots in real operational environments.

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