Progetto europeo H2020 Mathisis – Elena Milli

Una lezione sul progetto europeo Horizon 2020 Mathisis

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 What is MaTHiSiS?

MaTHiSiS is a 36-month project funded by the European Union under the H2020 work programme that will assist the educational process for learners and their tutors and caregivers by creating a novel and continuously adaptable “robot/machine/computer”-human interaction ecosystem to enhance vocational training, workplace learning and mainstream education for individuals with or without learning disabilities.

MaTHiSiS will provide a “product-system” (Figure 1) consisting of an integrated multi-agent interactive platform, along with a set of reusable learning components (educational material, digital educational artefacts, etc.) that will guide the deployment of the users’ learning activities. Its educational scheme will be based on custom-made and adaptable learning goals and educational material.