BotStem Project – Free opportunities in schools to change the Future



European Pole of Knowledge – Istituto Comprensivo Bosco Chiesanuova – National Network of Educational Institutions  organizes:

Erasmus+ KA201  BotStem project – Multiplier event

“roBOTics and STEM education for children and primary schools”  n°2017-1-ES01-KA201-038204

International conference and workshops – Free opportunities in the schools to change the Future”

30th. of Marzo 2019 – Istituto San Zeno Via Don Minzoni 50 – Verona

Dear parents, teachers, pedagogues in the context of the multiplier event of the European BotStem project “roBOTics and STEM education for children and primary schools” funded by the European Erasmus + Action KA201 programme, outstanding pedagogists, teachers and professionals from Spain, India, Sweden, Russia, Turkey,  Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Italy meet in Verona on March 30th. 2019 to share their innovative experiences, researches and activities for pupils and stems in a school ready to help them to grow up respecting their potentialities for a future of free opportunities. Several teams of teachers from many countries of the world will converge at the Verona event to present their innovative technological and pedagogical strategies from European Horizon 2020 to Erasmus + KA2 projects to enrich the day to share and play within 25 parallel practical/ interactive workshops for teachers, parents, kid and student. It will be an outstanding day of the main italian pedagogists and a day of fun and learning with their inventions in the fields of educational robotics, maths, science, prosocial values, environment, nature and prevention of bullying. The day is open only to members registered and registrations will be closed when the maximum number of participants will be reached.

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Participation is allowed only to registered persons and It is free. English – Italian and Italian – English Trans lationis provided for all activities.

How to reach San Zeno Congress Center: click Here

The Center has a special parking area for at least 400 places


Symbols Keys for the workshops participants

Activities suitable for early education and primary school’s pupils


Activities suitable for middle school’s students



Activities suitable for secondary senior schools and university’s students



Activities suitable for teachers, parents, and pedagogists


During the day, outside the conference will be available robotics and maths hotspots for Students, Parents and Teachers and schools corners with the  best Erasmus+ school to school projects results The full agenda   

Morning 30th. March 2019 AU



Registration of Participants

Access available only if previously Registered online

Online Registration


Opening event – Main Hall

Moderator: Prof Donato de Silvestri


  • Vincenzo Spadafora Undersecretary of State to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (Equal opportunities, youth policies)
  • Senator Bianca Laura Granato, teacher, Committee Public Instruction, Cultural Heritage – Senate of Republic of Italy
  • Senator Alessandra Maiorino,  teacher,  Commission Humar Rights promotion and protection – Senate of Republic of Italy
  • Director of Verona Provincial Educational Department Albino Barresi
  • Dr. Augusta Celada – Director of Veneto Regional Educational Department
  • Director Alessio Perpolli – Responsible of Polo Europeo della Conoscenza Network
  • Pierpaolo Clementoni – Clementoni S.P.A.

Erasmus+  Project’s Presentation – : BotStem

 roBOTics and STEM education for children and primary schools

Stefano Cobello –  Polo Europeo della Conoscenza

Dr. Ileana Ma. Greca – Burgos University . Spagna


National Agency Erasmus+ Indire – Firenze

Sara Pagliai

Europe and the added value of Erasmus+ Programme


 Caloi Serafino

MATHS LIKE A DREAM .  How creativity and love for STEM enter in pupils’ dreams


Ernesto Burgio

ECERI European Cancer and Environment Research Institute (Bruxelles)

Digital world and the risks of chindren’s brain involution

11.20 Break  –  Bar open in the Center

Prof. Daniela Lucangeli – Padua University

 Let’s change the educational models and the teachers approaching to didactic to avoids the cognitive gavage and performance anxiety


Prof. Franco Nembrini

School and Math like One of the many Dante’s Divine Comedies


Raissa Pscenicnikova – Siberia (Russia)

Sacred geometry of the cosmos as the evolution of man and the development of his spiritual consciousness


Price of the schools participating to the concourse

“Today for Tomorrow”

Pierpaolo Clementoni, Tamara Lapucci, Stefano Cobello



Lunch in the Istituto San Zeno Canteen – self-service

 Voucher’s meal available at the entrance


 Workshops in the Afternoon


Wifi and translation available in every hall

Translators: Chiara Erbisti, Valentina Capozza, Noemi Lorusso, Tamara lapucci


Edu B 612 (Erasmus+ KA2):

Prof.Daniela Lucangeli e Patrizia Granata

A new pedagogy from 0 to 6 years old

Translate: Chiara Erbisti


BotSTEM (Erasmus+ project KA2)

 Dr. Ileana Ma. Greca ( Burgos University) Spagna:

Play and learn with Robots – Robotic educative STEM for the Kids’s talents development

Translate: Valentina Capozza


Epigenetist Ernesto Burgio

Insights on brain damages by smartphone

Translate: Noemi Lorusso


Pro-social Values  (Erasmus+ KA2)

Bojan Vasilev . North Macedonia

Project coordinated by Polo Europeo della Conoscenza

When values like generosity, empathy, solidarity can be valorized with online interactive games. 

Online serious games to play with tablets

Translate: Chiara Erbisti


Clementoni Spa

Tamara Lapucci, Area Test Manager

Play and Learn with Clmentoni Robots; Doc, Mind e Robomaker

Translate : Tamara Lapucci


Workshops in Room N° 2 FUMANELLI

Translators: Eugenio Mantovani, Elena Milli, Claudia Lanteri, Valentina Capozza


Serafino Caloi – Verona

To dream maths like a game. How to deliver maths like a fariy tale for children

Practical examples

World’s Maths Video

Translate: Claudia Lanteri


Progetto Horizon 2020  – Protein

PeRsOnalized nutriTion for hEalthy livINg

Eugenio Mantovani

Translate: Eugenio Mantovani


Elena Vostorgova –

Centro Star Pro . Mosca – Russia

Pupils individual development thanks to innovative STEM education

Translate: Valentina Capozza


Paola Loviselli, Chiara Donadoni, Francesca Molari

Operational Educatinal workshop; If I do, I understand, Experience and body in the learnings

Audiofonetic school ; Brescia,


Translate: Elena Milli


Mathisis Project (H2020 Project)

Psicoterapeuta Elena Milli

Robotics – autism and Inclusion. Practical experiments

Translate : Elena Milli



Workshops in Room 3 – AZZURRA

Traslators: Noemi Lorusso, Claudia Lanteri,


Editor: Emanuele Del Miglio


Writing art a new development in the world

Translate: Noemi Lorusso


Paola Cremonesi
Paola Belli
Mariagrazia Castagna

Learn to write and read with Monosyllabic Method

Extraordinary learning methodolody for early education

Translate: Claudia Lanteri


Dr.ssa  Antonia Murgo

Psychologist and Psychoterapist. Specialized in Psychosomatic.

School and relationships in digital era


Fusillo Francesco

–  Free Software to build a  knowledge didactic and inclusive models

Sodilinux Orizzonti and EasyDida two operative tools for the school



Jurgita Vaitiekuniene Director of the Panevezys District Education Center

and the pedagogy expert Vaida Siauciune


“Benefits of Innovative Experiments in Early Education”

Erasmus+ KA3 project „Early Childhood Education – building sustainable motivation and value paradigm for life“(Nr. 580339-EPP-1-2016-1-BG-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN)


workshops in Room 4 – VERDE

translators: Del Zotti Francesco, Bechelli Cristiano,


Iglika Angelova – Bulgaria

Draw your future.  Work out your way. Crete with Clementoni Robotics
Play and learn with us

Del Zotti Francesco And Claudio destri

All in Internet net: Fisherman or victims? Education to digital medicine to change the future.


Translate: Del Zotti Francesco


Workshop Concerto

 From Uruguai to Italy  withing the songs and short stories by

Angel Luis Galzerano

Uruguaian from italian immigrant family emigrated  in  Montevideo

Translate: Bechelli Cristiano


Intecultural network Many Colors

Cinzia Maggi

Free opportunies for foreiner persons in the school

Translate: Bechelli Cristiano


Giancarlo Onger

A school of happiness



workshops in Room 5 – DOMENICO SAVIO

Tranaslators: Grobberio Chiara, Valentina Capozza, Barbara Branchini


Vanesa Fariza


Build you own talking virtual robot

Translate: Valentina Capozza


Andreas Redfors, Björn Cronquist, Marie Fridberg

HKR – HOEGSKOLAN KRISTIANSTAD – Sweden – A Blue-Bot climbing experience




 Barbara Branchini/Beatriz Vallina (TBD)

K-VELOCE I+D+i – Spain

STEAM Team Time: Insights for empowering kids through early-STEM education by means of robots&coding. A participative-interactive workshop

Translate: Barbara Branchini


Miliani Emanuele e Roberta Busato

IC Boscochiesanuova

Translate: Grobberio Chiara

Dr. Ileana Ma. Greca & Eva Garcia

University of Burgos, – Spain

Robots in the Garden

Examples of robotics to improve STEM coding and science

Play with us

translate: Grobberio Chiara


Main Central hall

Corners of Erasmus+  school projects  and educational robotics


10 – 18

Play and learn with Clementoni Robots Doc, Mind e Robomaker

Clementoni S.p.a.





Corners of the schools, Presentations of the Eu Erasmus+ projects of the schools

Elisabetta Mosca (Virgo Carmeli)

Coordinat or of Erasmus+ KA 299 Project

Influence of the book in the school

Sara Salardi e Roberta Zocca

I.C. Bussolengo

Workshop robot explorer looking for friends (fantastic journey in various typological concepts of the different seasons)


Miliani Emanuele e Roberta Busato

IC Boscochiesanuova

Lo Zanshin Tech is a disciplin that melts the traditional teaching of oriental martial arts ( no violence, respect, quiet concentration, discipline) with basic techniques of cybersecurity and aware use of digital technologies,
Boys and girls from 11th. Years old learns , followed by a master,  to be self confident in the web and defend themselves from   cyberbullying,  becoming real digital warriors.


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